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PrivacyLab GDPR is a Cloud service which enables professionals, companies and public sector organisations to manage all required tasks to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

PrivacyLab GDPR

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PrivacyLab GDPR1. Base

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Provides the modules necessary to perform a pre-assessment audit, map the data archives and evaluate data subjects types to determine which documents need to be produced.

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  • Assessment
  • Data mapping
  • Privacy Operators
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security measures
  • Disaster recovery
  • Compliance verification

PrivacyLab GDPR2. DOC

12/month 144/year

Allows you to generate all the legal notices, the processing registers, the assignment of operators, supervisors and Data Processors, the appointment of a DPO, the report related to the Privacy by Design, the Disaster Recovery plan and a full report of the security measures implemented.

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In addition to the previous module:
  • Legal notices
  • Nomination of operators and supervisors
  • Processing registry
  • Data processors registry
  • Privacy by Design
  • Archive of historical documents

PrivacyLab GDPR3. DPIA

32/month 384/year

Allows you to create the compliance plan with the relevant security measures and to demonstrate the application of the processes required to generate a Data Privacy Impact Assessment.

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In addition to the previous module:
  • Compliance plan
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Advanced risk analysis
  • Workflow
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Additional tools:

Tool E-learning

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Training module for your employees with learning tests.

Tool E-learning

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Training module for your employees with learning tests.


  • Verify how secure is your data

    PrivacyLab GDPR guides you through the risk assessment (DPIA) process which allows you to determine which measures you need to implement to achieve a satisfactory level of security and avoid hefty fines. PrivacyLab GDPR also helps you producing all the documents required in case of data breach.

  • Produce all the needed documents

    PrivacyLab GDPR produces all the documents you require to demonstrate your compliance including data processing registers, operators nominations and data processors contracts just to mention a few. All data and documents are stored with unique IDs and timestamps within PrivacyLab's secure storage infrastructure.

  • Monitor your data processing procedures

    PrivacyLab GDPR provides you with the means necessary to set procedures and data processing authorisation for internal and external operators ensuring that each person or organisation involved will process data in compliance with the Regulation.


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