PrivacyLab is a certified GDPR compliance service

PrivacyLab is a service planned and developed to guarantee the highest standards of quality and security. Since 2004 it has benn choosen by thousands of private and public organisations to manage and comply with all the Privacy regulations in a simple and structured manner. PrivacyLab is constantly kept up to date with all the current and future modifications of the European Privacy Regulation 16/679 (GDPR).

PRIVACYLAB is certified by:

Compliant with GDPR technical specifications

PrivacyLab GDPR is the first Privacy compliance software to be certified as providing all the tools required to enable a full compliance with GDPR.


ISO 9001:2015

PrivacyLab GDPR is a service developed and provided by Metis Lab, a software house which follows all the norms in relation to project management, development, security and support as required by its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Privacy in one single click.

PrivacyLab GDPR is the tool that allows you to easily manage all the requirements of European regulation on privacy and data security.

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